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Organic Seed Matters to Clif Bar

by Shawna Rodgers |

The Clif Bar Family Foundation, a longtime Champion-level supporter of the CCOF Foundation’s Future Organic Farmer program, is no stranger to organic advocacy. Those familiar with Clif Bar know of its many investments in the future of the industry. From launching the University of California’s first-ever organic research institute at UC Davis to supporting first responders amid the tragic wildfire seasons of recent years, Clif Bar is far beyond an average food company. One could argue that they are setting the standard for corporate philanthropy, using business as a medium for changing our world. One way they seek to instill lasting change is with organic seed.

To the average consumer with even a delicate understanding of the differences between organic and conventional agriculture, using an organic seed makes good sense. If everything else in your operation and supply chain is organic, why not your seed? After all, livestock producers across the world attract buyers by discussing their livestock’s strong, healthy lineage—it follows that organic farmers would want to raise plants from strong, healthy, organic seed. Some scientists argue that heirloom seeds need not be organic if their parent plant was grown well enough. But the science has confirmed that organic foods have higher nutrient density than their conventional counterparts. So, all other factors being equal, an organic seed would be healthier than a non-organic seed. As with the houses and buildings in which we reside, a strong, secure foundation endures through stormy weather and ensures a strong outcome. As the first link in the chain of organic agriculture production, organic seed provides benefits to our communities, economies, and environments.

By advocating for the use of organic seeds through their program Seed Matters, Clif Bar is on a mission to improve crops like quinoa and tomatoes. Seed Matters has trained more than 400 farmers in organic seed production, committed more than $1.5 million to organic seed research and education, and supported more than 120 community seed projects across the United States.

The CCOF Foundation is grateful for the leadership and support of groups like Clif Bar Family Foundation who are committed to the future of our organic food system.