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Meet Jason Racine, Future Organic Farmer Recipient

by Larissa Hernandez |

CCOF Future Organic Farmers grantee Jason Racine plans to use his formal education to bring into full bloom his goal of creating an inspiring, diverse, community-centered farm. Products will range from annual rotating vegetables and cut flowers to kiwi vines, fruit trees, and even mushrooms! Racine aims to complete his food science and technology degree, with minors in horticulture and entrepreneurship, from Oregon State University to have solid grounding in both the growing and business aspects of owning a successful farm. 

Racine’s farm vision is rooted in the multitude of types of produce he intends to grow and in providing healthy and nutritious organic food for his family and the local community. In the field, techniques such as companion planting and cover cropping will create a healthy and robust farm. Racine’s business eye focuses on creating value-added products to incorporate varied revenue sources for resilience. “I have tailored my degree for the express purpose of owning and operating my own organic farm. My food science emphasis will allow me to create value-added products from my farm. My horticulture focus will help me create a profitable market garden, off of which everything else will be built, and my entrepreneurship focus is giving me the tools to be able to think like an autonomous businessperson, capable of running a successful business,” says Racine.  

With the support of the CCOF Foundation’s Future Organic Farmers grant, Racine will complete his bachelor’s degree this year and formally step into farming. Supported by his educational background, Racine plans to create a farm with products that mature during different seasons. This staggard approach will include raw produce such as kiwis as well as value-added products such as preserves, bread, sauerkraut, and pickles. This multibranched approach will pave the way to success for his future farm.  

This is the first year that the CCOF Foundation supported Jason Racine’s career in organic agriculture. Racine plans to complete his Bachelor of Science degree at Oregon State University this May and embark on his farming career. The CCOF Foundation congratulates and wishes the best to Jason Racine as he wraps up his studies in 2022! 


Find out more about the Future Organic Farmers grant fund from CCOF on the Future Organic Farmers website now! 

Applications are OPEN NOW for higher education and vocational students from March 15 – April 15, 2022!