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Get Prepared for FSMA with CCOF Food Safety Certification

by Rachel Witte |

Food safety continues to be a hot topic for consumers and producers alike. The passage of the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) and recent release of the proposed FSMA rules by the FDA raise important questions to CCOF members. While FSMA provides a structure for a new system of food safety verification, the entrance of the federal government into the fray has created additional questions about how the program will be implemented.

Many farmers and processors are already being asked to be certified to one of the existing third party food safety standards by their buyers or distributers. We anticipate the implementation of the FSMA rules will mean more companies will be pursuing food safety assessment and/or certification. Even if law does not require it, assessment and/or certification may be required in order for farmers and processors to be able to sell their product!

We recognize that CCOF members are deeply committed to producing and selling safe, quality food. Organic production was originally an effort to produce and consume safe food. This is why CCOF is now offering a food safety certification program for organic producers with high integrity that not only respects and encourages organic systems, but also streamlines the paperwork and inspection processes. Our mission is to advance organic agriculture for a healthy world through organic certification, education, advocacy, and promotion, and with our new food safety program, our goal is to help your product reach as many markets as possible and in the safest possible manner. Visit our food safety services page for more details.