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CCOF Legislation Passes Assembly Agriculture Committee

by Addison Peterson |


Figure 1 from left to right: CCOF Board Member Steven Cardoza, CCOF Senior Policy Manager Addison Peterson, and Assemblymember Damon Connolly

Based on invaluable farmer input, AB 2734, a CCOF-sponsored bill, has been crafted to enhance the Healthy Soils Program (HSP). This grant program is designed to financially assist and incentivize California farmers, ranchers, and growers to adopt healthy soil practices. These practices, in turn, will help reduce greenhouse gas emissions (GHG), sequester carbon, and enhance water retention in the soil. Our CCOF Board Member Steven Cardoza, from Cardoza and Cardoza Farming, joined forces with Senior Policy Manager Addison Peterson to present AB 2734 at the Assembly Agriculture Committee. The bill was unanimously passed with no opposition, a testament to the collective effort of our members and supporters. AB 2734 has garnered support from 17 organizations, including the Agricultural Institute of Marin, California Food and Farming Network, California Climate and Agriculture Network, the Center for Food Safety, and others.

AB 1833 will require any mushrooms labeled “Grown in California” or “Made in California” to be grown in California from inoculation to harvest. CCOF member Erin Raser with Far West Fungi is co-sponsoring this bill with CCOF. This bill garnered support from food and farm champion Assemblymember Aguiar-Curry (D-Napa) as well as representatives from Santa Clara County, passing unanimously out of committee. Raser focused her testimony on the devastating impact mislabeling has had on mushroom farms in California that are competing against less expensive substrate and wood logs from foreign countries. Raser testified in committee:

“We have seen farms in other states forced to make a difficult choice—either close their doors or compromise their morals by buying cheap imports to stay in business. Our family business is now in its third generation, with my own young children spending their days on the farm and learning the process of cultivating mushrooms—and we are here today because we don’t want to be faced with that decision.”

Figure 2 from left to right: CCOF Senior Policy Manager Addison Peterson, Kyle Raser with Far West Fungi, Assemblymember Dawn Addis, and Erin Raser with Far West Fungi

While we celebrate the success of our legislation, we must remember that our work is not done. We need your individual support to ensure these bills become law. Your voice matters, and you can sign on to support our legislation by filling out our Google Forms below. Together, we can make a difference.

AB 2734 Improvements to the Healthy Soils Program: Letter of Support

AB 1833 Mushrooms: Letter of Support

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