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UK Certificate of Inspection for Import Request Packet

Once you know you will be shipping to the UK, complete these fillable PDF forms and send the entire PDF packet to

Enrollment in CCOF's Global Market Access Program for EU/UK Export is required.

Grower, Processor or Handler Form
Understanding Organic Labels and the Top 10 Reasons to Buy Organic

A helpful graphic that shows what the different labels in organic mean, as well as the top 10 reasons why you should be buying organic!

Grower, Livestock producer, Processor or Handler, Retail, Processor located in Canada, Trader or Broker or Private label owner, I am not an organic operation Helpful documents or flyer
V2.0 Winery Profile

Describe your winery and wine-making process. Attach co-packer/processor certificates to this form. Note that each location that handle wine in any way must be certified, including aging, topping, blending, bottling, de-alcoholization, kegging, and other processes.

Processor or Handler Organic System Plan
V2.1 Wine and Label Approval

Use this form to request label review for each specific wine (vintage, varietal, blend) that you would like listed on your organic certificate. Attach labels to this form. Note that TTB requires certifier approval on labels along with a copy of your organic certificate listing the specific wine.

Processor or Handler Organic System Plan
W2.0 Wild Crops

Tell us about your wild crop harvesting practices.

Grower Organic System Plan
What to Know About the SOE Rule

On January 19, 2023, the USDA National Organic Program (NOP) put forth the Strengthening Organic Enforcement (SOE) Rule, which is intended to safeguard confidence in organic products and minimize fraud throughout the organic supply chain. Operations – including both currently certified and newly impacted uncertified handlers of organic products – must meet all of the requirements in the rule by March 19, 2024. See our SOE page for more details.

CCOF's "What to Know About the SOE Rule" flyer has key take-aways from the SOE regulations and explains some of the many benefits of becoming certified. Certified CCOF clients may share this document with uncertified operations in their network. 

Helpful documents or flyer
Withdrawal or Surrender of Certification Form

Use to withdraw/remove a portion of your operation such as a parcel, product, service, or group of livestock. You can also use this form to surrender certification of your entire operation.

Grower, Livestock producer, Processor or Handler, Retail, Processor located in Canada, Trader or Broker or Private label owner Form