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Obtenga la Certificación Orgánica - 6 Pasos Sencillos

Un resumen de los 6 pasos sencillos para certificarse.

Get Certified Organic - 6 Simple Steps

Organic Claims on Websites and Other Marketing

Learn more about what CCOF looks for on a website to help you design a compliant website and prevent consumer confusion.

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Organic Marketing 101: A Guide for Getting Your Products to Market

Many different market channels exist for your organic product but not all channels will align with your goals, values, product line, and personality. Choosing the perfect market for your product can be overwhelming, so choose what market channel suits you best before you make a major investment in your cropping plan or product recipe. This tool will help you select the perfect channel for your business, with an emphasis on finding the right avenue for your end consumers.

Private Label/Broker/Trader Organic Certification Application

Certification for companies that own organic labels that are co-packed by other facilities. Also covers operations that do not physically handle products but act as brokers or traders.

Download your application packet and email completed forms to

Product Application

Describe your finished organic products and the location where products are processed. Attach labels and co-packer certificates to this form. When you add a new product, submit a new Product Application, along with the H2.0B (for multi-ingredient products) and submit all labels. For additional infromaiton about adding a new product, read the related FAQ.

Programa de Certificacion Acelerada

Para contratar servicio acelerado para inspecciones urgentes de nuevas solicitantes, o de parcelas, instalaciones, o equipo nuevo.

Expedited Certification Program

Programa de Reembolso para la certificación orgánica

CCOF desea ver todas las empresas, pequeñas y grandes, solicitar el programa de reembolso para la certificación orgánica. Aprenda más sobre el programa, por qué es importante al movimiento orgánico, y como puede aplicar y recibir un reembolso de hasta el 75% de sus costos de certificación.

Programa Para Reembolsar Los Costos de Certificación Orgánica

Obtenga más información sobre el Programa de Reembolso de los Costos de la Certificación Orgánica y los documentos que necesita en nuestra página web de reembolsos de costos.


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