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Virtual (Remote) Inspections Update

by Jen Rojas |

All virtual inspections (inspections with no on-site component) will end July 1. Exceptions may be allowed with authorization from CCOF. Hybrid inspections with both virtual and on-site component are still allowed as needed.

Exceptions that may permit fully virtual inspections include:

• Ongoing regional pandemic restrictions.

• Inspections that were already planned as fully virtual that are scheduled for after July 1, and are not possible to reschedule as on-site.

• Retail inspections that were preauthorized as virtual through August.

If your operation has circumstances that you feel warrant a fully virtual inspection to occur after July 1, please notify your inspector of the reason and circumstances. They will convey this request to CCOF management for consideration. On-site, in-person inspections are integral to organic certification, yet we recognize that there may be ongoing regional pandemic conditions and/or individual cases that warrant flexibility.

Thank you for your cooperation, which helped us conduct safe and effective remote inspections during the pandemic.