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USDA Seeking Organic Producers to Serve on NOSB

by Peter Nell |

USDA is accepting nominations for the National Organic Standards Board (NOSB). The deadline to submit nominations is May 17, 2019.

Nominations must include a resume and an AD-755 Application form, and must be postmarked on or before May 17, 2019. Nominees must meet the criteria of NOSB membership which includes having a general understanding of organic principles, practical experience in the organic community, demonstrated experience in the development of public policy, participation in standard development, and more.

NOSB members are volunteers who are appointed by USDA for five-year terms. Members participate in committee meetings, bi-monthly subcommittee conference calls, review materials and/or recommend changes to the National List of Allowed and Prohibited Substances, and advise the Secretary of the USDA on aspects of the USDA organic regulations.

USDA is seeking:

  • An environmental protection and resource conservation expert
  • An organic farmer representative
  • An organic retailer
  • Two organic handlers 

USDA is also accepting nominations for a pool of candidates that may fill unexpected vacancies in all other positions. 

The committee consists of 15 members that represent a broad range of organic community representatives:

  • Four members who own or operate an organic farming operation
  • Two members who own or operate an organic handling operation
  • One member who owns or operates a retail establishment with significant trade in organic products
  • Three members with expertise in areas of environmental protection and resource conservation
  • Three members who represent public interest or consumer interest groups
  • One member with expertise in the fields of toxicology, ecology, or biochemistry
  • One member who is a certifying agent

CCOF strongly encourages members who qualify to apply for NOSB seats. NOSB members serve the organic community and work on the development and strengthening of the organic regulations. CCOF can provide support and guidance to those who are interested in the opportunity to serve on NOSB. Please contact CCOF’s policy team if you are interested in serving on the board.