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Three Takeaways From Jessy Beckett Parr on Plant People Podcast

by Shawna Rodgers |

Plant People, an organic hemp, CBD, and mushroom supplement company, shares CCOF’s vision of a world where organic is the norm. They are a Certified B Corp; they are climate neutral, and they incorporate charitable giving as an inherent part of their business model. As if that wasn’t cool enough, they also plant a tree for every product sold. “Plant People is unlocking centuries of botanical intelligence to create unique and innovative formulas that reconnect us to our true nature. After traumatic spinal injuries,  [co-founder Gabe Kennedy and CEO Hudson Gaines] found [their] way back to health through plant-based healing. The entire product family represents [their] unwavering belief that the answer always lies in nature.” 

Beyond providing food as medicine, Plant People also feeds their customers knowledge through Gabe Kennedy’s State of the Planet podcast. Recently, CCOF’s very own Foundation Director Jessy Beckett Parr was featured as a guest. Listen to the podcast in its entirety, or read on to see some of our favorite takeaways from the conversation:

•    When asked “Where should an average consumer start on their journey towards being an informed eater?” Parr comments, “The best thing folks can do is become agriculturally literate. Start to understand what grows in your region and when it grows.”

•    When asked about how to support local organic farmers, Parr notes, “Farmers’ markets are the number one way to access produce that is grown locally to your community.”

•    When discussing the privilege of organic, Parr says, “Organic food does cost more in lots of settings, but processed foods cost more. The less processed your food is, the less money you’re going to spend.”