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The CCOF Foundation’s Organic Transition Program Is Blooming!

by Larissa Hernandez |

The CCOF Foundation’s Organic Transition Program (OTP) supports producers transitioning their land into organic production. Producers receive direct financial support of $10,000 for three consecutive years, as well as technical support from CCOF Foundation’s Organic Technical Specialist Brian Coltrin. Along with providing technical assistance, the CCOF Foundation strives to build community and provide networking opportunities for producers who are committed to the benefits of organic agriculture. 

In March 2023, the CCOF Foundation hosted an OTP grantee cohort reunion for a day of networking, connection, and learning at OTP grantee Carlos Gonzalez’s Torres Organic Farm. Central to the OTP program is creating a support system and exchange of ideas that will help propel producers forward as well as provide professional development. Laura Murphy from the Resource Conservation District of Monterey County presented and provided resources on soil health, sampling, and testing. 

Given the torrential rains of California this winter, most of these OTP grantees and many other farmers across the state are in deep need of emergency support. In addition to providing organic technical support, our staff have pivoted to supporting folks to access resources in this critical time of need. This meeting served as an important opportunity for solidarity and to hear their challenges in accessing resources and brainstorm opportunities for resilience through a joint effort with CCOF and all of our allies. Despite the difficult losses many are facing, these farmers’ positive spirit and determination is inspiring!

Fall 2023 will see another round of funding for producers interested in transitioning acreage to organic. The CCOF Foundation will continue supporting producers to transition to organic and to combat climate change, bolster the economy, and relieve health inequities through organic practices. To learn more, please go out our website or reach out directly to Larissa Hernandez at