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State Bill Seeks Support for Sustainable, Organic Agriculture

by Noah Lakritz |

A new bill authored by Salinas Valley legislator and the new chair of the Assembly Agriculture Committee, Robert Rivas, represents the most significant investment in organic agriculture in California’s history. AB 125, The Equitable Economic Recovery, Healthy Food Access, Climate Resilient Farms, and Worker Protection Bond Act, would make a $3 billion investment in regional infrastructure, worker protections, food access, and sustainable and organic farming. The bill proposes funding for several programs that would benefit the organic sector, including the following:  

  • UC Cooperative Extension to hire advisors and specialists with expertise in organic agriculture and small farm advising.
  • An organic transition program at the California Department of Food and Agriculture.
  • Building new meat processing facilities and upgrading existing facilities to address bottlenecks in livestock processing.
  • Educating the next generation of farmers and technical assistance providers in organic and climate-resilient agriculture.
  • Building and upgrading local processing and distribution, including food hubs.
  • Supporting the agricultural workforce with housing, PPE, and safe drinking water.

CCOF is working to support the bill alongside several organizations representing agricultural, environmental, climate, labor, and food access interests. The CCOF policy team welcomes member participation in our advocacy efforts. To learn more or get involved, email