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Spotlight On: The Organic Coup

by Shawna Rodgers |
The Organic Coup SF Giantsv2

“We really visualized this as a takeover. Our opposition was the fast food industry. … It’s like a modern-day David and Goliath…We’re all part of this dream.” – Dennis Hoover, Co-Founder of the Organic Coup

Since James W. Marshall’s discovery of gold in Coloma, California in 1848, Northern California has evolved into a place of rapid growth, development, and change. For every technological advancement born here, there have been equally important scientific discoveries regarding the benefits of organic agricultural practices. There has never been a better time in human history to create, to test out theories, and to search for answers about how to best live our lives. 

The Organic Coup Burgers

As with any organism that evolves, certain characteristics must be weeded out before we are to move forward into the next chapter, the next stage of our evolution. Food is not immune to the changing times; where we source it, how we prepare it, and how we share it with our loved ones is all changing. Many families no longer have the privilege of spending hours preparing meals together in the kitchen, but want to eat organic nonetheless. The CCOF Foundation is thrilled to have the support of America’s first certified organic fast food restaurant, the Organic Coup

The Organic Coup is pioneering fast food adapted to our times. This certified organic restaurant prioritizes high quality ingredients to deliver delicious and healthy food for its guests. For co-founders Erica Welton and Dennis Hoover, the commitment to organic goes beyond their recipes: “We are so happy to be supporting the CCOF Foundation in building future farmers for the organic movement. At the Organic Coup we see this as an investment for our business and the environment.”

Research shows that organic food is highly nutritious and has significantly lower levels of antibiotic-resistant bacteria and pesticide residues than non-organic food. The CCOF Foundation is excited to partner with the Organic Coup in changing the future of agriculture by supporting future organic farmers, training organic producers, offering hardship assistance to organic producers in need, and in educating consumers about the benefits of choosing organic. 

You, too, can support the next generation of organic by donating today.