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Reviewing Websites Now a Bigger Part of Inspections and Certification

by Rachel Witte |

As organic operations and the internet have matured, we are now faced with many businesses that have a website or whose entire sales and marketing are based on an online presence. We are adopting a new approach toward the websites of certified operations to ensure a level playing field and avoid consumer confusion.

We review websites of CCOF-certified operations periodically to ensure that organic claims are truthful and not misleading about the status of organic and non-organic products. We look for any use of the word “organic,” as well as the CCOF logo or USDA seal. We will be reviewing the websites of e-commerce businesses annually and asking inspectors to look at websites of all businesses periodically.

To learn more about what CCOF looks for on a website to help you design a compliant website and prevent consumer confusion, visit

We’re open to your feedback and suggestions as we work to integrate this evolving area into the existing organic standards.