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Online Sales Opportunities for Farmers Using Sustainable Growing Practices

by Guest Blogger |

Farmers are currently facing unprecedented challenges as supply chains quickly and radically change. Our local food systems can be strengthened by building consumer awareness of local farms using sustainable growing practices.

Healthy PlanEat is a new online platform for farmers using sustainable growing practices to sell directly to local customers so people can have a healthy and sustainable diet. The platform enables farmers to create their own page, upload inventory, set distribution options, and manage incoming orders from individuals and wholesale buyers. The platform will be launched this June.

You are invited to do a Zoom demo of the Healthy PlanEat platform with its founder, Rosemary Ostfeld. Please email her at to set up a time that works best for you.

Fill out our survey if you are interested in signing up for the platform.


This article was submitted by Rosemary Ostfeld.

Ostfeld’s interest in farming grew while she worked on an organic farm in her hometown the summer after her freshman year of college. She completed a Ph.D. in land economy at the University of Cambridge in England and started Healthy PlanEat because she wants to help farmers reach local customers and to increase access to healthy and sustainable food.