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NOP Adjusts Policy on Release of Information

by Jon Knapp |

In the spring 2011 issue of Certified Organic we discussed new instructions from the NOP regarding the release of noncompliance information and details on adverse actions. After ongoing review at the federal level, the NOP has revised their instructions to certifiers. CCOF disclosure information remains unchanged, even under the new instructions (see CCOF Manual One). We will not disclose the presence of, or content of non-compliances or adverse actions under this revised instruction document. In addition to information identified in CCOF Manual One as public, we are also required to make the following items available to any member of the public:

  1. Certification certificates issued to operations during the current and three preceding calendar years.
  2. A list of producers and handlers whose operations we have certified, including the names of the operation, type(s) of operation, products produced, and the effective date of the certification, during the current and three preceding calendar years.
  3. The results of laboratory analyses for residues of pesticides and other prohibited substances conducted during the current and three preceding calendar years.
  4. Other business information as permitted in writing by the producer or handler.

Interested parties can review the revised instructions and other NOP Program Handbook items at