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Noncompliance & Mediation Costs

by Rachel Witte |

The vast majority of CCOF operations are timely and responsive. Unfortunately, some operations fail to respond to minor requests or arrange payment plans prior to their account becoming delinquent. The cost of managing these processes and reminders, and implementing and managing mediation processes, is increasing substantially. Therefore, CCOF fees for minor issues that escalate to noncompliance or proposed suspension based on no response are increasing to $150 per instance. Similarly, operations that progress to proposed suspension and seek mediation will be assessed a $300 charge for CCOF-managed informal mediation.

CCOF will in all cases issue several reminders and would prefer not to utilize any of these fees. Over time we have found that costs of follow-up, escalation, and management of these issues are borne by the operations themselves, not all CCOF clients.