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Meluka Honey Supports CCOF’s Hardship Assistance Fund

by Shawna Rodgers |

Australia is no stranger to the devastation wildfires wreak upon the communities and natural habitats in their wake. With this year so full of unexpected twists and turns, many of us need to be reminded that 2020 started off with devastating fires that engulfed the Australian countryside. Our friends and organic colleagues in Australia endured months with no access to water. Communities lost years’ worth of work and belongings that cannot be replaced. And yet, despite all the loss, when fires devastated the West Coast of the United States, our fellow food producers in Australian called us and asked how they could help. Meluka Bricmont Post 1

Meluka Australia’s Limited Edition Wildfire Rescue Raw Honey directly supports organic farmers impacted by wildfires and other hardships in 2020. In partnership with the CCOF Foundation’s Bricmont Hardship Assistance Fund, Meluka Australia will directly donate 100 percent of the proceeds to organic producers impacted by wildfire here in the United States. Every purchase contributes financial help and hope to these organic farmers in times of crisis.

Regardless of organic certification, any farmers who have experienced hardship can apply for a grant directly from the CCOF Foundation. In 2020, applications for our Bricmont Hardship Assistance grants quadrupled. There is no time like the present to support organic producers through hardship assistance.

The CCOF Foundation supports organic farmers and producers across the United States. Some of our technical assistance programs reach a global audience of organic producers, helping them navigate anything from food safety to crop insurance to promoting organic products at farmers’ markets. CCOF is fortunate to have global relationships and is deeply grateful to Meluka Honey for creating the opportunity for consumers to give back to organic farmers who have experienced hardship this year.