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Meet Future Organic Farmer—Datev Gevorkian

by Hanali Lopez-Tapia |

Datev Gevorkian, Future Organic Farmer grantee, has his eyes set on the future of organic agriculture, focusing his impact on farming as well as research. He is currently experimenting with growing tobacco-derived nicotine as an organic insecticide alternative for common insects. Gevorkian, a Massachusetts native, was raised on a farm, which influenced his long-term aspiration to become a farmer and landowner. Gevorkian currently attends the University of Massachusetts Amherst and is working toward his Bachelor of Science degree in sustainable food and farming. Gevorkian is not only a full-time student but is also currently farming 5 acres of ‘Glass Gem’ popcorn, 1 acre of insecticide tobacco, and 60 acres of hay.

These experiences have prepared Gevorkian for his future in organic agriculture: “Through my academic and hands-on experience, I plan to gain the skills necessary to organically and sustainably farm for my community and our future.” Gevorkian’s goals expand beyond creating innovative organic insecticides; after graduation, he plans to lease more acres of land to start farming organic vegetables and marketing his products through community supported agriculture (CSA) shares. Priding himself on a clear vision for his future, Gevorkian believes his education at the University of Massachusetts is preparing him for his success: “My academic studies and training in organic agriculture will help me achieve my career goals by giving me first-hand educational experience with organic farming.”

The CCOF Foundation is proud to support students like Datev Gevorkian who are continuously seeking new ways to better advance organic agriculture through research and farming. The Future Organic Farmers grant seeks to alleviate financial stress and empower organic agriculture students.

Applications for the Future Organic Farmers grant are open now until April 19Visit our website to begin your application and receive funding to offset the costs of gaining an education in organic agriculture.

If you would like to contribute to the success of Future Organic Farmers, please reach out to the CCOF Foundation’s Donor Relations Manager Shawna Rodgers at to learn more.

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