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Meet Amanda Wall – A 2020 Anheuser Busch and CCOF Organic Transition Grantee!

by Adrian Fischer |
Amanda Wall

As part of a broader effort to increase organic farming, CCOF has partnered with Anheuser-Busch and their Michelob ULTRA Pure Gold Contract for Change program to provide financial support to farmers during the critical phase of transitioning to organic. We are honored to introduce you to Organic Transition grantee Amanda Wall of PAW Livestock in Pleasantville, Iowa.

Wall and her husband Patrick both grew up on diversified farms in the Upper Midwest. Between the two of them, they’ve raised beef cattle, pigs, sheep, horses, alfalfa, grass hay, corn, soybeans, wheat, oats, and rye. They were both involved with 4-H and FFA, and a big part of what brought them together was livestock production. As the fifth generation in their family to farm and raise livestock, the Walls have consistently nurtured their passion for raising Hereford beef cows, and now have more than 50 head.

In 2005, the Walls were able to let go of rented land and purchase 160 acres of pasture, hay, and cropland. On their land, they’ve been tirelessly working on building soil and improving the ecosystem. The Walls rely on various techniques to improve their land while raising their Hereford heritage beef, including no-till soil management, cover cropping, improved forages, and holistic rotational intensive grazing.

With their collective experience in animal science and nutrition, and with Patrick’s background as an extension agent, they also help other local producers strengthen their businesses. Patrick hosts extension meetings and field demonstrations, giving local producers the opportunity to see and learn firsthand about cover crop management strategies, rotational grazing benefits, and regenerative beef cattle husbandry techniques.

The Walls see their transition as a way to not only put into practice their land stewardship and husbandry ethics, but as a way to support their local community as well. With an organic dairy nearby and another certified organic farm that’s helped them along the way, the Walls feel confident that they can now give back and be a part of their burgeoning Iowa organic community.

They’ll add goats to help with invasive species and plant organic sweet corn and pumpkins to bring their kids into the fold while diversifying their operation. As they move away from conventional practices and commit deeply to organic, the Walls strive to “be part of the solution.”

Congratulations to Amanda and Patrick Wall! The CCOF Foundation and Anheuser-Busch are proud to support your family farm’s transition to organic. 

Apply for your own $5,000 grant for organic transition by November 27.