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Lundberg Family Farms Educates Consumers on YouTube

by Shawna Rodgers |

If you were to ask most farmers why they got into the business of agriculture, few would tell you it’s because they wanted to use cellphones, video cameras, and social media to promote the sale of their organic produce. But times are changing rapidly, and as the next generation of organic farmers and producers begin to take the reins from many retiring farmers, so shift the tools used to tell the story the origins of our food.  

CCOF Foundation Champion supporter and longtime organic industry leader Lundberg Family Farms educates their consumers from the farmers’ market to the internet. Online, they provide informative and creative video content on their YouTube channel. From details about the harvest season to descriptions of the nearly 20 different varieties of rice they grow, Lundberg’s video content is helpful not only for eaters curious about agriculture but also for educators who may wish to use these resources in the classroom. Lundberg even provides recipe videos for its audiences, demonstrating how to cook everything from Instant Pot Tomato Risotto to Sushi Rice.

It wasn’t too long ago that if you wanted to learn more about how your farmer grew the tomatoes he sold you at the farmers’ market, you and your family might take a trip to see the farm in person. Many operations still offer U-Pick to guests, providing a firsthand education on how a healthy organic farm is managed. Pandemics aside, few Americans have the luxury of time, money, and geographic proximity to visit a local organic farm and learn more about where their food comes from, who grows it, and how far it may have to travel to get to the local farmers’ market (or to your doorstep, in some cases). Leaders like Lundberg dive into the future by engaging with eaters whether they are purchasing directly from a farm stand or from behind a screen.

Lundberg Family Farms is a supporter of the Bricmont Hardship Assistance Fund. With more farmers facing climate-related disasters, economic insecurity, and health concerns, the CCOF Foundation’s hardship assistance grants are here to help. Donate or apply for a grant today.