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Look Out for a New Rule that will Significantly Change the National Organic Program

by Laura Mathias |

The Policy Team and Certification staff are gearing up for the release of proposed changes to the National Organic Program (NOP). While the official rule, called the Strengthening Organic Enforcement proposed rule, is not out yet, the NOP has released a pre-published draft and other resources on their website. OTA has also compiled a 10 page summary.

We expect the proposed rule to:

  • Reduce the types of uncertified entities in the organic supply chain (importers, brokers, traders)
  • Require the use of NOP Import Certificates for all organic products entering the United States
  • Clarify NOP oversight of certification activities, including that NOP oversight extends to the activities of any person performing work on behalf of a certifying agent
  • Require certified operations and certifying agents to develop improved recordkeeping
  • Require that certifying agents conduct unannounced inspections of 5 percent of the operations it certifies

We are tracking this rule and will let you know when the NOP releases the official rule, which will kickstart a 60-day comment period. If you would like to discuss the rule with CCOF, please contact me at