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Livestock Added to U.S./Japan and Canada/Japan Organic Equivalencies

by Guest Blogger |

The United States and Canada announced the expansion of their organic equivalency arrangements with Japan to include livestock products, effective July 16, 2020. This reduces costs and streamlines the process for anyone involved in the organic livestock supply chain by requiring only one organic certification. 

Enrollment in CCOF’s Global Market Access (GMA) Japan program will provide your products and labels with the necessary review and documents to export your USDA NOP or CFIA COR products. Allowed USDA product categories include crops, wild crops, livestock, and processed products, while allowed CFIA product categories include plants, including fungi, processed foods of plant origin and livestock products and processed products containing livestock ingredients. 

CCOF’s GMA program is also available for USDA established equivalence arrangements with major organic export markets including Canada, the European Union, South Korea, Switzerland and Taiwan as well as CFIA equivalence arrangements with the United States, EU, Switzerland, and Taiwan. 

For more information, visits CCOF’s Japan page or email

USDA’s official announcement can be found here.

CFIA’s official announcement can be found here

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