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Increasing GMO Testing

by Laura Mathias |

As described in our blog post “CCOF Focused on Moving Organic Forward”, CCOF will be expanding GMO testing within the Periodic Residue Testing requirement of NOP 205.670. CCOF firmly believes that organic is non-GMO. In an effort to ensure effective measures are implemented, CCOF will be integrating GMO testing in addition to current pesticide residue testing efforts. As with other residue norms where contamination is found, CCOF will always investigate and work with all involved parties to identify prevention measures and any potential system failures that can be improved upon.

CCOF will be presenting the findings back to the National Organic Program (NOP) and National Organic Standards Board (NOSB) as part of a broader discussion regarding seed purity standards and other GMO exclusion measures. See CCOF’s comments to the NOSB about Seed Purity and GMO testing.

Our intention is to use testing to effectively implement the NOP standards and to support CCOF operations in the development, implementation, and improvements that will ensure organic products are the gold standard for non-GMO.