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HarvestPort Announces Full-Service Crop Input Procurement Service

by Guest Blogger |

HarvestPort is excited to announce HarvestPort INPUTS, a full-service crop input procurement service with many options for the organic grower community, and we want to earn your business. For a limited time, HarvestPort will reimburse the full cost of your 2018 annual CCOF renewal bill.

Check out HarvestPort INPUTS, a full-service crop input procurement program, and HarvestPort DEALS, an opt-in platform (similar to Groupon) with time-sensitive discounts on agricultural products, services, and technology. 

Growers looking for a procurement partner to source the right inputs at favorable prices can become a member of INPUTS to benefit from HarvestPort negotiated discounts on organic inputs. 

Growers interested in discounts on products and services that benefit your soil health, water management practices, operational needs, and much more can subscribe to HarvestPort DEALS to get the latest offers we source from trusted vendors and partners. 

In order to reimburse the full cost of your 2018 annual renewal bill, purchase inputs or services via HarvestPort prior to April 1, 2019. To learn more simply email with the subject: CCOF Renewal Bill. Or find more deals at

Our job is helping you grow by saving you time and money. We look forward to serving you!


HarvestPort HarvestPort founders saw an opportunity to increase farmers’ access to the supplies they need at better prices. HarvestPort connects the dots from farmer to farmer and farmer to supplier, and gives farmers more security in an insecure business.