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Got Bagrada Bug? Report It!

by Guest Blogger |

Dr. Brian Hogg at the USDA in Albany, California, is seeking sites for research on a parasitic wasp that was recently found attacking bagrada bug eggs in California. 

Bagrada bug numbers have been low at existing study sites this year, and researchers would be interested to learn about any infestations in California. This is the time of year when bagrada bug numbers usually start increasing in cole crop fields. High numbers may also be found on weeds, especially shortpod mustard and perennial pepperweed. Please report any cole crop fields or weed patches that are infested with bagrada bug to Dr. Hogg via email at

The wasp can attack eggs in soil, where bagrada bugs lays most of their eggs, and is almost certainly helping to control bagrada bug. The wasp develops within bagrada bug eggs and is quite tiny. Dr. Hogg and his team are monitoring parasitism levels by the wasp and plan to release it at sites where it is absent or in low numbers. 

To report a bagrada bug infestation or for additional information, contact Brian Hogg at