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FreshPoint, Inc. Latest CCOF Foundation Organic Transition Supporter

by Shawna Rodgers |

With eight of their locations now CCOF certified, FreshPoint joins CCOF’s multinational membership in creating a world where organic is the norm. 

FreshPoint, a division of Sysco, is an advocate for supporting local supply chains. The benefits of locally grown produce include fewer carbon emissions required for food travel, fewer preservatives required to maintain produce integrity over a long-distance journey, and preservation of North American farmland and biodiversity. What’s more, FreshPoint shares CCOF’s belief that organic should not be a food of privilege. Quoted from its environmental impact report, FreshPoint is “committed to making organic products more affordable and accessible as a healthy and environmentally friendly option and to reduce waste across our operations.” Additionally, FreshPoint is committed to community support and partnership and continues to prioritize organic product offerings for its customers. During the COVID-19 pandemic’s start in 2020, Sysco donated 30 million meals to community organizations in their efforts to address hunger and food insecurity. 

In addition to joining the CCOF certification membership, FreshPoint joins Wells Fargo, The Daniel and Margaret Loeb Foundation, and Rustic Canyon Family as a supporter of the CCOF Foundation’s Organic Transition initiative. Learn more about the grant opportunity for small, transitioning farmers in the Salinas valley on our website