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Exporting Organic Products to Mexico, 2021 Update

by Sarah Watters |

A new Mexican import regulation affecting organic products goes into effect on June 26, 2021. The regulation requires a control or transaction document to accompany shipment of certain organic commodities (listed in Annex 1 sections b-f). Work with your importer to determine if your exports require a control document.

Products marketed as organic in Mexico require certification to the Mexico organic standards (LPO). CCOF offers the Mexico Compliance Program for certification to the Mexico organic standards. Visit our Mexico Program page to review the criteria for enrollment in our Mexico Compliance Program for certification to the Mexican organic standards (LPO).

To enroll in the CCOF Mexico Compliance Program, review the Mexico Compliance Program Manual and complete the Mexico Compliance Program Application.  Send the application to along with your export labels for review.

Once enrolled and verified as compliant, you will receive a Mexico Compliance Program certificate and will be able to request Mexico Import Documents to accompany your shipments. For any questions regarding this update, contact your Certification Service Specialist.