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Export News: New Online System for EU Organic Export Certificates

by Gamai Gregory |
As part of the ongoing efforts of the European Union (EU) to improve organic integrity, they have implemented a new electronic system for tracking and issuing export certificates, called the TRAde Control and Expert System (TRACES). As of April 2017, export certificates to the EU, called Certificates of Inspection (COI), can be issued through TRACES, with full implementation required by October 17, 2017. This change is aimed at improving traceability, enhancing food safety, and reducing fraud.
To comply with the new regulations, CCOF Certification Services can now issue electronic Certificates of Inspection (eCOIs) through this new system. To get set up in this new system, CCOF certified exporters should request an Operator role within TRACES, which CCOF will approve. Once approved, the Operator is responsible for starting the eCOI request and entering all the shipment details. CCOF will receive this request and process it, sending the eCOI to the first consignee. For the foreseeable future, a physical COI will also need to be sent with the shipment, or directly to the importer. The EU is working to implement fully electronic certificates in the future.
Additional benefits of the new system are notifications to all relevant parties as the eCOI moves along the supply chain, as well as a built-in product catalog. This enables the Operator to quickly find the corresponding CN code, ensuring organic products are properly accounted for in trade statistics. 
Create an account with TRACES and continue to grow your organic exports! 
CCOF’s export certificate fees will remain the same. Please visit our exporter guidance webpage for the details, and contact for further information.