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Export News: Do you ship to China? Do you want to?

by Gamai Gregory |

The Chinese market is proving to be a challenging one for U.S. organic produce to enter. Chinese consumers are demanding more U.S. organic product, while only a handful of U.S. operations are certified to the Chinese standard and are exporting product there. In an effort to expand the global reach of U.S. organic and ease the rigors of direct certification to the Chinese standard, CCOF is working with WIT Assessment, a Chinese certifier, to find solutions to this trade issue. 

To help these efforts, CCOF would like to know how many of our clients are already shipping or preparing to ship, and how many would like to ship to China. If you export to China, or if you would like to export to China, please let us know by emailing We will continue to keep you updated on any advances made in our ongoing efforts.