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Expanding Organic Offerings During the Pandemic

by April Vasquez |

In CCOF’s recent blog post, “We are Essential: Pivoting to Stay Afloat,” Jamie Collins, of Serendipity Farms described a number of innovative ways they have responded to the challenges of farming during the global pandemic. Resiliency is one of the hallmarks of flourishing farms and responding quickly and appropriately to crises is key to thriving and growing as an operation. In the past month, the changes in the marketplace have made it necessary for farmers to find new ways to get their crops growing in the fields to the people who need them. 

CCOF is here to support you in continuing your organic certification as we all navigate the changing landscape. Please call your Certification Service Specialist (CSS) regarding any changes to your operation that might affect your organic certification. We are here to answer your specific questions. Whether you partner with other farmers to pool resources, develop a CSA program, start fulfilling online orders, add or change your labels, or make a one-time sale to a new client, don’t hesitate to reach out to CCOF to discuss how the changes affect your Organic System Plan (OSP) going forward. Additionally, remember to keep records of the organic certificates of the farmers you partner with, and receipts documenting your purchases. And lastly, when in doubt, reach out!