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Disaster Relief Funding from the CCOF Foundation Available for Organic Farmers Affected by Flooding

by Shawna Rodgers |

The Central Coast of California was recently barraged with the highest rainfall it has seen in decades. The deluge has brought flooding, landslides, and loss of life and has destroyed homes and building structures. Notably, there is also ongoing damage to crops and fields. Many berry farmers have experienced an entire loss of crop within the span of a week. Others have lost farm labor support with closed roads and the inability to access fields. 

The CCOF Foundation will be offering hardship assistance grants again this spring. We can earmark funds to a restricted geographical location. If you are an organic producer in need, please consider applying for disaster relief. Grant applications open in April 2023 and close at the beginning of May 2023. Stay up to date with our application deadlines on our website

If you are a funder or know a funder, donations can be made directly on the CCOF donate page

For more information, email the CCOF Foundation’s donor relations manager, Shawna Rodgers, at