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Crop in the Ground? Submit Your “Add Acreage” Early for Best Results!

by Gamai Gregory |

Many CCOF operations submit add acreage information to CCOF immediately prior to harvest or during inspection. It’s never too early to add organically farmed land to your certification. Submitting new acreage early, for instance as soon as you start managing the parcel or plant a crop, can significantly reduce your costs and give you piece of mind.

Frequently, CCOF is only contacted immediately prior to harvest. This increases the costs and forces the use of rush services, which create greater pressure on all involved. Even if you have new land that you will not harvest from until next year, it can be included in an upcoming regular inspection, and save you time and trouble. If you lease new land, submitting an add acreage request immediately can ensure that harvest time is not hampered by an additional inspection and certification decision.

CCOF wants to help you be successful and keep costs at a minimum. To learn more about adding new acreage to your operation, read through our Add Acreage Instructions document!