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Cost Share = Free Money! Apply Now to the Farm Service Agency!

by Jane Sooby |

The Organic Certification Cost Share Program is open for applications at Farm Service Agency offices throughout the United States. CCOF encourages all certified operations to apply for cost share to receive reimbursement of their certification costs. Find your local office at

Cost share repays certified operations 75 percent of their eligible fees up to a maximum of $750 per scope (crops, livestock, handling, wild crop). Registration in a state organic program such as California’s is considered a scope and also will be reimbursed at 75 percent of fees paid up to a maximum of $750.

To maximize your refund, a good strategy is to apply for cost share after you have paid your certification and inspection fees, unless you have already spent over $1,000 per scope and thus are eligible for the maximum payment amount.

Operations can apply at their local Farm Service Agency office starting now, or can apply through participating state departments of agriculture beginning in mid-June. In California, the Department of Food and Agriculture has opened the cost share program for applications; visit CDFA’s cost share page.

CCOF supports our members in obtaining cost share payments by sending each operation a packet with all necessary documents and proof of fee payment. We will begin sending these out in July and continue through September. The deadline to apply in California will be Nov. 1, 2024, but the deadline may vary by state, so check with the agency to which you are applying.

For more information on organic certification cost share including which fees are eligible and how to apply, read the cost share fact sheet and/or email

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