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Consent to Electronic Transmission Program Manual Change

by Rachel Witte |

Effective July 2017, the CCOF Certification Services Program Manual and annual renewal contract has been updated to include the following:

In order to send and receive official communications to and from CCOF, Inc. via email or fax, or to participate in meetings or votes conducted by electronic means, you must provide consent by signing the CCOF certification application/agreement and you must provide a valid email address and/or fax number. You are not required to agree to communication via electronic transmission (fax or email). You may request that meeting notices, ballots, and other matters of official business be sent to you via regular postal mail. You have the right to withdraw your written consent at any time by providing CCOF, Inc. with written notice that you are withdrawing your consent relative to the use of electronic transmission. No fee will be charged for withdrawing your consent.

This change brings the organization into compliance with applicable statutes regarding electronic notification and voting. Over time, this will give CCOF, Inc. the tools needed to more effectively build the membership structure and representation for CCOF members.