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Connect with Local Consumers Looking for Organic Food with Healthy PlanEat

by Guest Blogger |

Healthy PlanEat is a new sustainable food startup based in Southeastern Connecticut which exists to connect people to local farms that use sustainable growing practices. Are you interested in creating an online presence and helping customers conveniently pre-order food from your farm?

Using Healthy PlanEat, you can easily upload inventory, set distribution options, and manage incoming orders from local individuals and wholesale buyers. Local customers can find your farm and place an order to pick up at the farm, farmers’ market, pop-up location, or get delivery if that’s a service you’d like to offer.

The platform aims to help organic farmers connect to local buyers and is actively seeking USDA Certified Organic Farms to join. If you’d like to explore the new website and sign up, please visit

Organic farmers who have questions, comments, or would like assistance setting up their account can contact Healthy PlanEat’s founder, Rosemary Ostfeld, at


This article was submitted by Rosemary Ostfeld.

Rosemary Ostfeld is the founder of Healthy PlanEat. She holds a Ph.D. in land economy and researched strategies for sustainable agricultural production. She has also worked on an organic farm. Ostfeld started Healthy PlanEat because she wants to make it easier for everyone to have a healthy and sustainable diet.