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CCOF Improves Recordkeeping Tools

by Jon Knapp |

Not sure what you should keep for your records? Looking for examples and templates of different record keeping documents? CCOF has a page for recordkeeping support to help answer these questions and provide tools that operations can use to demonstrate compliance. We have templates for equipment cleaning logs, planting stock records, commercial availability search records and more!

New! Google Templates give you new options for free mobile recordkeeping

CCOF has recently developed Google template versions for all of our sample recordkeeping tools. This opens access to any computer while also making mobile recordkeeping easier than ever for organic farmers and processors. All you need is a free Google email account to access the documents!

Special thanks to CCOF certified operation Say Hay Farms for this great idea. Chris Hay provided a superb presentation on recordkeeping tools and systems at the most recent EcoFarm conference.

Visit CCOF’s record keeping tools and certification help pages to find the Google templates along with other file types. CCOF’s full library of recordkeeping and other helpful webinars are now also available online.