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A Conversation on Why Organic Matters with the Farm to Table Talk Podcast

by Rebekah Weber |

I sat down with Farm to Table Talk host Rodger Wasson to discuss why organic matters with him. We dove right into CCOF’s Roadmap to an Organic California, a first-of-its-kind research project that investigates how organic is a solution to California’s toughest challenges.

From the climate crisis to economic and health inequities, I walked Wasson through organic’s role in addressing these issues, and more. Let’s consider climate change, for example. We know that organic farms combat climate change because they build healthy soils that store carbon and reduce levels of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. 

Beyond the climate benefits, organic businesses foster strong communities by selling locally and creating jobs. And because organic food is grown without synthetic pesticides, we know that organic protects people and the planet. Check out the full conversation and learn more about the Roadmap project and the many benefits of organic