What cleaners or sanitizers can I use?

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CCOF cannot recommend any specific cleaners or sanitizers. Processors/handlers are permitted to use any sanitizer on food contact surfaces as long as the sanitizer does not leave a residue and does not come in contact with organic products. Sanitizers that contact organic products must be on the National List (205.605).  The National List (205.600-205.606) is available by visiting the National Organic Program website or by downloading the USDA National Organic Standards, 7 CFR Part 205.

There are a few sanitizing agents listed specifically on 205.605 as allowed for cleaning on equipment and/or direct food contact. Chlorine, peracetic acid, hydrogen peroxide, and ozone are a few of these substances.

Any sanitizers that come into contact with organic product, such as no-rinse sanitizers or wash water additives, must be reviewed by CCOF. To have a direct contact sanitizer reviewed by CCOF, submit a label listing the ingredients to inbox@ccof.org. Once approved by CCOF, the material will be added to your approved Organic System Plan (OSP) Materials List.

Use MyCCOF: Materials Search to find and add materials approved for use in organic production or to request the review of a material you would like to use.

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