Can I make a certified organic product in an uncertified facility?

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No, products labeled as organic must be produced in an inspected and certified organic facility. If you own or lease the facility, you can easily add an uncertified facility location to your own certification. If you contract with the facility to produce your products, the facility will need to apply for a separate organic certification with CCOF.

Independent businesses (not leased or owned by the certificate holder) that take possession and further process, handle, or produce organic products must be independently certified. If you would like to manage your contracted facility's organic certification, including receiving all correspondence and invoices, please contact your Certification Service S​p​e​c​i​a​l​i​s​t​ to learn more about our Contract Partner Program.

All facilities where organic product is made must be inspected and approved by your certifier before product may be sold as organic.

Products produced in an uncertified facility (not included as part of your certification) may only identify organic content on their ingredient panel. See National Organic Standards Subpart B Applicability (205.100 and 205.101) in the CCOF National Organic Program Standards Manual, 7 CFR Part 2​0​5​.

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