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Yount Mill Vineyards


We farm all our 600 acres between Yountville and Oakville organically. Organic farms sustain diverse ecosystems with higher populations of plants, insects and animals that encourage healthy, well balanced vineyards. The grapes enjoy both warm days on the Valley floor, and cool nights by the Napa River, resulting in flavorful wines with great acidity.

Contact Information

  • Contact Name: Kendall Hoxsey
  • Phone: 707-944-4481
  • Fax: 707-944-0934
  • Email:
  • Address: P.O. Box 434 , Oakville, NAPA, California 94562, US

CCOF Programs

  • Certification: USDA NOP
    Status: Certified
    Date: April 4, 1995
  • Certification: Crops
    Status: Certified
    Date: April 4, 1995
  • Certification: US/Canada Equivalence
    Status: Withdrawn
    Date: November 27, 2017



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