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Pacific Southwest

All CCOF certified clients automatically become members when they get certified. Members belong to one of 14 chapters based on their geographic region. All CCOF certified processors belong to a single chapter regardless of location.

About the Chapter

The CCOF Pacific Southwest Chapter has a large membership of over 470 producers, handlers, processors, and supporting members centered in San Diego County.

San Diego County has many certified organic small farms, perhaps the largest amount of small certified organic farms in the U.S. Our local crops are mainly avocados, citrus, and exotic fruits, with several farmers’ market growers including vegetable crops. Desert-area crops include dates, grapes, and large-scale vegetable producers and packinghouses.

Our chapter is relatively new compared to many CCOF chapters, having our roots with the first certified local grower in 1986. Bill Brammer of Be Wise Farms (whose certification number is ps001) was very involved in the organic movement in its early days of the creation of the USDA National Organic Program, between 1991 and 2002.

Our chapter leadership is proud to be an advocate for the organic farmer, the movement, and causes that affect our standards of living and livelihood. The costs of water and pest control are important and current concerns in our area. We are present on Facebook and are looking forward to using technology to help the busy farmer both address issues that affect them and become educated on current organic-related issues.

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Chapter Contact

Robin Taylor