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North Coast

All CCOF certified clients automatically become members when they get certified. Members belong to one of 14 chapters based on their geographic region. All CCOF certified processors belong to a single chapter regardless of location.

About the Chapter

As of Fall 2014, the North Coast (NC) chapter of CCOF is up and running! The NC Chapter is the first chapter in decades to re-join the active CCOF community. This chapter is proud to include the beautiful terrains of Marin, Napa, and Sonoma counties. These counties, perhaps thought of consisting primarily of grape farmers and wine makers, actually offer a diverse group of organic farmers, ranchers, and handlers. They produce everything from olive oil, fruits, vegetables and honey to organically raised livestock.

The NC chapter is excited to use this opportunity to support CCOF’s goal of “…educating, advocating and promoting organic,” while having a chance to meet our neighbors who are equally as passionate and involved in the future of organics. New members always welcomed and encouraged!

Chapter Leaders

President:  Laura Deyermond, Constellation Brands
Vice President:  Grayson Hartley, Preston Farm and Winery
Treasurer:  Ken Blair, Preston Farm and Winery
Board Representative: Genevieve Albers of Traditional Medicinals

Please feel free to contact us at:


Chapter Counties

Marin County

Napa County

Sonoma County

Chapter Contact

Genevieve Albers