In Memory of José Lorenzo Jimenez Palacios

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Written by Jen Rojas on Wednesday, March 13, 2024
José Lorenzo Jimenez Palacios

In memory of José Lorenzo Jimenez Palacios 
Engineer Agronomist Specialist in Phytotechnics
25/03/1960   -    14/02/2024

“Nature is inexhaustibly sustainable if we take care of her.”

José was a promoter of coexistence with nature, always recommending organic crop treatment to farmers and fruit growers in the southern region of Sinaloa. From 2000 to 2022, he worked with the company Mazazul Organics S.A. of C.V. Until the day of his death, he worked in recent months with the company Familia Andrade Nava S.P.R. by R.L. 
Rest in peace.