Cultivating Our Vision for Organic: CCOF’s 2021 Annual Report

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Written by Kelly Damewood on Tuesday, June 21, 2022
Joanna Letz of CCOF-Certified Bluma Farm
Joanna Letz of CCOF-Certified Bluma Farm

Dear CCOF Members and Supporters,

Last year, 2021, was a year of internal reflection and focused action. We’re navigating a new world after a tumultuous couple of years. This time of change gifted CCOF with the opportunity to home in on who we are and how we do our work while also taking strategic action to grow and support organic.

Our vision is a world where organic is the norm, where everyone has the opportunity to grow, sell, and most of all, eat organically.

To reach our vision of a world where organic is the norm, CCOF set a five-year milestone known as Vision 2026: CCOF will be the recognized beacon and champion of integrity in the evolution of organic food and agriculture by 2026. We’ll do this by

  • launching bold strategies to increase the amount of farmland under organic production and grow the market for organic food and goods;
  • influencing policies, standards, and regulations to ensure that a diversity of producers can go organic and stay organic;
  • and providing a suite of certification programs that support our members while providing high-quality organic certification services and education programs.

Another bold strategy well underway is our initiative to reach 30 percent organic farmland in California by 2030. The CCOF policy team is promoting the recommendations from our Roadmap to an Organic California: Policy Report. In 2021, we built coalitions and laid the groundwork for legislation on issues including organic livestock processing, organic food in schools, and organic transition. Legislators, partners, and members have all come together to help move the needle on our policy initiatives.

After a year of internal work to lay the foundation for the next five years, I am ready to dig in and build an organic world. In 2022, you’ll see us offering a new suite of certification programs designed to serve our members and advance our mission. Our applicant support team ( can tell you more about our new CCOF certification offerings include

  • Regenerative Organic Certification™,
  • PrimusGFS food safety certification,
  • and OCal comparable-to-organic cannabis certification in California.

Learn more in our 2021 annual report.

How will you help cultivate our collective vision for organic? Join your local CCOF chapter, get certified by CCOF, or send us a donation. Our work starts with our members and supporters, and we couldn’t do it without you.

Many thanks,

Kelly Damewood