Inspection Update

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Date Published
January 31, 2024
Field Inspection
The certifying agent must arrange and conduct an on-site inspection, pursuant to § 205.403, of the certified operation at least once per calendar year.

Per the National Organic Program’s (NOP’s) new Strengthening Organic Enforcement (SOE) regulations, operations must be inspected at least once per calendar year
What Does This Mean for Me?

  • Your operation must undergo an annual inspection at your listed address(es) at least once per calendar year.
  • The need for an annual inspection has always been a part of the NOP, but this change may affect the timeline of your inspection.  
  • Please respond promptly when your inspector contacts you to schedule your inspection. 
    • Be flexible, stay in touch, and keep your contact information up to date.
  • Failing to schedule and undergo an inspection once per calendar year can result in a Notice of Noncompliance. This can ultimately result in suspension of certified organic status.
  • Additional inspections, announced or unannounced, may take place at the discretion of CCOF.  
  • If you use CCOF’s parcel transfer service to transfer a parcel to your operation from another CCOF-certified operation toward the end of the year and the parcel has not yet had an inspection during the current calendar year, your operation may need an additional inspection.