Organic System Plan (OSP) form

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L4.0 Livestock Living Conditions

Describe the living conditions you provide for your animals on this form. Also describe all circumstances when you may confine animals from the outdoors or from pasture.

L4.1 Pasture Management Plan

Only required for operations that manage pasture. Use this form to describe your pasture management practices and grazing strategy.

L5.0 Livestock Health Care

Health care practices and materials are described on this form, including your system for segregating animals treated with non-allowed materials, physical alterations, and animal identification.

L6.0 Brokers, Auction Yards and Transport

Complete this form to describe your use of feed or animal brokers, auction yards, and animal transport practices.

L7.0 Livestock Product Profile

Describe the products to be sold as organic and list any facilities that handle product while still under your ownership. Describe your sales method(s) and any livestock products you purchase from off-site.

L8.0 Livestock Product Handling

On-site facilities used for handling organic products are described here, including sanitation practices and pest control practices. For facilities used in the production of multi-ingredient products see Form H1.0.

L9.0 Record Keeping

Indicate the types of records and documents you maintain.

Livestock Animal Application

Provide this form with your initial CCOF application in order to describe the animals you wish to certify.

Livestock Materials Application (OSP Materials List)

List all materials used by your operation, including pest control materials, sanitizers, health care materials, and feed supplements/additives.

Mexico Compliance Program Application

Enroll in the Mexico Compliance Program if your operation is located in Mexico or exports organic products to Mexico.

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