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Sharing Impact Data From the Transition to Organic Partnership Program (TOPP)

by Gaea Denker |

The Transition to Organic Partnership Program (TOPP) is a network assembled by the USDA’s National Organic Program to support transitioning and organic producers with mentorship and resources. Six regions work together toward a common goal: to grow the network of organic producers.

CCOF is proud to be leading the West/Southwest (W/SW) Transition to Organic Partnership Region, a coalition of partners dedicated to providing mentorship, technical assistance, and comprehensive support to both transitioning and existing organic producers. Our partners serve producers in California, Arizona, New Mexico, Utah, Nevada, Texas, and Hawaii.

As we enter our second year of TOPP programs, we are gaining momentum with increasing levels of interest across the W/SW region. In 2023 from Q1 through Q3, 18 partners hosted 72 events throughout the West/Southwest region and reached more than 6,600 people, of which approximately 40 percent were producers and 6 percent received workforce training.

Cross-pollination between W/SW Region partners and within states has facilitated expanded networks and opportunities. TOPP partners focused on designing and standing up programmatic support systems like project plans, recruitment and hiring, and outreach materials. A total of 60 resources were created between Q1 and Q3 2023, with almost half reported as “other,” including forms, media toolkits, flyers, brochures in Spanish, work plans, and program details.

See the PDF below for more exciting data, including testimonials.