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Improving Materials Tracking and MyCCOF

by Jon Knapp |

Over the last year, CCOF has created computerized records for all inputs used by our clients. These records allow us to improve organization and streamline material reviews. During this process, CCOF developed an internal materials list that combines all internal CCOF material reviews as well as both the OMRI and WSDA lists. As files have been reviewed during this time, CCOF added each client’s inputs to their operation’s database record. In the coming months, CCOF will provide access to the “inputs tab” in each client’s MyCCOF portal. This will allow you to monitor and track the status of input approvals and requests associated with your operation.

Many CCOF operations have requested access to a single materials approval list so they can be aware of past CCOF review decisions and eliminate the need to check several different lists when choosing brand name materials. CCOF seeks to meet the needs of our clients and we are actively reviewing options for making this list available. Though it is unlikely that CCOF will produce a printed materials list, options for an online list at or within MyCCOF are being considered.

All materials approvals must be made in the context of the operation’s organic system plan, and CCOF clients will always be required to seek approval of materials prior to use. However, we are committed to making this process easier, faster, and more transparent so growers, livestock operators, and processors can know what materials have been previously reviewed by CCOF or other entities.

Our ultimate goal is to provide both efficient electronic submission of Material Review Requests and to allow CCOF clients to have access to CCOF’s internal materials list. This will ease material selection and additions to Organic System Plans. We hope to test systems in 2012 that will significantly improve your experience with input materials selection and requests. Stay tuned for more improvements to CCOF’s inputs management, review, and approval system.

In addition to inputs, MyCCOF will soon include every client’s record of facilities so you can monitor which facilities we have on file. This will allow you to easily track your facility inspections.