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CCOF Develops Disaster Response Protocol to Assist Impacted Organic Operations

by Jane Sooby |

(Wildfire remains Solano, CA by Fusaromike via Getty Images)

CCOF has long offered support to its certified organic members who have experienced losses due to natural disasters including wildfires, earthquakes, and floods. In response to increasing frequency of such disasters, CCOF has created a communications and outreach strategy that will be initiated when a state or federal disaster has been declared. 

CCOF will reach out directly to its members in areas that have experienced a natural disaster to document any impacts it has had on them. CCOF will provide members with lists of local, state, and federal resources and will offer support by extending deadlines on action items, being flexible in scheduling inspections, and, on a case-by-case basis, providing fee waivers for past due amounts through the LLC Hardship Assistance Fee Waiver program. 

For more information on support available from CCOF for underserved farmers, ranchers, and handlers and those impacted by declared natural disasters, refer to this blog. The application for the Hardship Assistance Fee Waiver program is online in English and in Spanish.

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