What materials (fertilizers and pesticides) can I use for organic farming and livestock?

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We make it easy for our clients to find out if a farm input is allowed. You can use OMRI and WSDA listed products as long as applicable restrictions are followed. Do you want to use a material that is not listed by OMRI or WSDA? We will review any non-listed material. All you need to do is submit a Material Review Request Form or use MyCCOF: Materials Search to find and add materials approved for use in organic production or to request the review of a material you would like to use.

If you use a product without verifying if it is approved for organic use then you are taking a risk that the product may not be allowed and you may be putting your certification at risk. Be aware that products not on the OMRI or WSDA lists that claim to be allowed for organic production may not actually be allowed, as these labels/products are not regulated. Always check with CCOF before you use a new product!  

CCOF does not review blended liquid fertilizers that exceed a nitrogen analysis of three and are not OMRI or WSDA listed. Only liquid fertilizers listed by OMRI or WSDA will be allowed for use by CCOF certified operations.

The NOP does not produce a list of brand name products allowed for use in organic production; however, if you are trying to figure out what materials the National Organic Program standards allow then look to the following sections in CCOF National Organic Program Standards Manual:

  • Section 205.203 addresses soil fertility products and practices.
  • Section 205.206 addresses pest control practices.
  • Section 205.238 addresses livestock health care practices.
  • Section 205.601 through 205.604 is the National List of allowed and prohibited substances for organic production.

 It is important to note that the U.S. EPA does have a label "for organic use" that indicates that the pesticide product has been reviewed and approved by the EPA for organic production. The EPA does not list approved products but approved products do have the "for organic use" language on the label.

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